Our Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is underpinned by the same values of Protective Paints you have come to know since 1979. We believe our doors are open because we operate with integrity in all aspects of our business dealings. Our staff members attitude reflects how our customers treat them. This is why they render good service and give you service-with-a-smile! We believe our clients will come back to us for all the right reasons. We believe we add value to the lives of people by providing products and peace of mind.

Our Mission

We are driven by the belief that one should stick to what you know to maintain focus. We specialise in paint and paint-related products and are regarded as one of the leaders in the paint industry. We believe in using high quality materials to get our desired quality results. Understanding your requirements originates from owner first-hand experience that developed our products by learning from the best. We make it our business to remain abreast of any new developments that could enhance our products or services. We maintain sufficient stock levels and have back-up services and support structures in place that will ensure speedy delivery.

Our Vision

We would like to make our range of products and services available and accessible to prospective customers, nationally. We strive to support and assist our loyal community.